Run for excellence, riches will follow.

When I make this remark, I often get those raised eyebrows, which, on the surface say ‘right’, but deep inside they’re thinking….’this guy’s on dope. The world is all about riches. The whole world is running for it, and so would I….and this guy says run for ‘excellence’ and riches will run to you !?  If that were true, would he not be a millionaire by now’ ?…

well, let me explain what I mean by excellence and riches…Excellence is about doing what you do in daily life, with a commitment that when you are done, you feel you gave all that you could, and are not left with a “I could have done it better if I spent an hr more with it..” feeling.

Remember, the difference between good and excellent, in most cases is a small fraction. See the olympics swimming competition and you will realize, the world champion is one thousandth of a second faster, that’s it !!

Quick Test : Your boss asks you to send a summary report/analysis in a week. Do you send it the same day, in 2 days or time it was actually expected to be sent. Years ago, when I started my career, I decided to develop a undying passion for speed….and results are good. I am known for speed and excellence more than anything else…a key to being indispensable in an organization is to be known for something unique. You take excellence as that unique, and I assure you, riches WILL follow you.

In case you were wondering, no, Iam not a millionaire…yet. Yet people have told me when they spend some time with me, they feel like a million bucks ! That’s a start, because I know my riches are not too far out…..Until then…

GO for excellence, my friends…



  1. Hi,

    Wonder-full lines for the upcoming generations and young professionas. Keep sharing your thoughts.

    Strive for excellence and you will excel in what ever you do!!!!

    Money is not every thing once your famous money will automatically come to you….by then you are already rich by your values,thoughts,attitude,character and money in only one more rich factor which is going to be added to that list.



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