We are what we choose

Why is it so hard to tell the truth…yet so easy to tell a lie

Why are we so sleepy in temple..but when the sermon is over we suddenly wake up?

Why is it so hard to talk about God…but so easy to talk about nasty stuff?

Why are we so bored to look at a religous magazine…but so easy to look at a nasty one?,

Why is it so easy to delete a godly note…yet we forward the nasty ones??

Why are temples, churches and mosques getting smaller…but yet bars and clubs are growing?

Arent we all a result of our choices ? …think about it….


  1. Shailu,
    Just want to share some good words from my Father when I was about to come to US in 1999:

    Watch your Thoughts, They become Words
    Words become Actions
    Actions become Habits
    Habits become Character
    Character becomes your Attitude
    Attitude will decide the Altitude of your Life..


  2. Right or wrong, Good or bad, the only way life is worth living is by making choices. The real tragedy is NOT making a choice. I was watching a movie the other day in which the son wants to make amends for some of his mistakes and tells his father, “Dad, this was my choice, I will fix it because I am responsible for it”…Dad tells him, “Son, Iam glad atleast you made a choice. I realized it too late in my life that I was late to even make choices anymore…”. Son says “You chose to stay helpless, and u will pay the price Dad. Iam sorry for you”.

    Botttom Line, right, wrong, good , bad , whatever, make a choice and find out….


  3. Hi,

    We are always responsible for what we perform, what we say and what we think whether it is good or bad. You will realize whether your right or wrong only by selection of your choice from good things or bad things.
    Excellent thoughts shailanna….



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