A quick shorcut to Instant Happiness…

Here’s something that can grant you instant satisfaction….and won’t cost you a penny ! Look up your contacts (ALL possible old/new contacts), and initiate contact via email/letter/phone with someone you haven’t connected in more than a year or so…

Start with an interesting note remembering where u left off and how much you love to start picking up the threads again, find out what’s been going on with their life….

Regardless of the response you get, you will be amazed at how happier it makes to connect back to the past….!


  1. Iam checking to see if anyone cared to contact any of their friends…I did, as soon as I wrote this note. I did NOT get a response, it was a very good friend who we lost touch a few seasons ago. But I still felt happy just to have started writing the note. I know some of you have read and forgotten about this note, but I would like to know from those who gave it shot…



  2. Dude….

    I did contact some of my friends as I always do šŸ™‚ and I have been getting some responses. And you have seen me doing it often. Just that I forgot to post a note on this particular article.

    Hav fun!!


  3. Guess I need to start doing it. I am too bad in keeping active communication . I delay it initially, then few days will past by, then I start feeling guilty about not calling all these days and because of the guilt, I tend to avoid calling for some more time and eventually end up not calling and as I feel that my guilt has gone far beyond excuses.
    I will start from today by calling back my oooooooooooooooold friends one by one.
    Thanks Shailu for giving the kick start to our lazy brains.



  4. Raju
    I had similar feedback from 2 other folks, who chose not to post this online. It happens to all of us. Lack of communication drives guilt and then deepens, but the reality is, when we reach out, the receiving person is pleasantly surprised. Good luck with your reaching out to old friends and hope it rekicks an old relationship !


  5. Hello Shailanna,

    Recently I visited your blog site. Its very intereting with some useful information and good articles. I always be in touch with my friends.Yes, as you said its always a wonder-full feeling to get connected with your friends. I sent a mail to one of my old friend and yet to receive a response from him.



  6. What a gift for me to find Shailu’s blog! I am taking good heart from reading the suggestions and comments on this page and am feeling a little less blue about my job search. Thanks, Shailu and family for sharing your positive messages. Tomorrow is another day to see things changing for the even better and I am glad to have found your site for some good tips. Best wishes to all šŸ™‚



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