Be proud of your work, and the company you work for.

Be proud of your work and your company…

Why ? Because you can never aspire to be the best if you dont take pride in your work and are not proud of the place where you work. Taking pride in our work and company enhances our feel good attitude, motivates us, and believe it or not, separates us from most who have nothing but caustic things to say about their work and/or place of work.

I will ask bluntly…”If you really are not proud of your work and company, why the heck are you still there ?!”

If your answer is “I haven’t found a job/place yet”… trust me, your attitude will show and you will be shown the door sooner or later anyway. If, on the other hand, you ARE proud of what you do AND you talk well of your company, it shows too…!

So start behaving and acting like a winner, like you OWN the company. Without ownership, you can accomplish little anywhere. If people talk down their job or the company, ask why they feel that way. Challenge the fact as if someone spoke down about your best friend or a family member. You will be initially looked as odd or a very few eccentric ones, but soon they will realize. DECIDE that if there is one person who must be the biggest fan of the company, it is YOU. If you aren’t, find a place where you want to be.

What I preach takes guts. And it is only those few with a gut and a undying passion that finally decides the winners and next generation leaders from the also rans… Who would you rather be ?


  1. I have mixed feelings on this post. I no doubt support the argument that we should feel proud of our work but its the second half that makes me think twice. I can quote some instances to support my stand point:

    Imagine working in a company, under a boss who is skeptical of your work. You love your work, you are passionate about all that you do, but at the end if you notice that your boss is more eager to search for mistakes in your work, it is something to think about. Do you really take pride working for such company? But you will continue doing what you do, not because you like the company but because you are passionate about what you do. The bottom line is passion for work does not imply pride for work place.


  2. Thanks for the note Raju. Here is an interesting statistic for you.

    75% of people who change jobs, do so to get away from their bosses, even when they love their job and the company.

    That said, a boss who isn’t exciting to work for is worse than a company that is isn’t exciting to work at. And yes, passion may not equal to pride, but then it’s kills the whole drive. You need both to be the very best in your efficiency. If not, then we have to find that ideal world.


  3. Shailu,
    Thanks for the advice. Some how, some where I am still not convinced. Institutional Loyality seems to be thing of past. As you say and I believe, Life is a mixture of choices we made. These choices include your work, your company and in fact every aspect of life is a choice. Why we pick that choice amongst rest is bacause we are passionate about it. Thats how I see my work and any other things in my life.
    When it comes to work place or company, being loyal to it and taking pride in working for it gets you recognition. People might say good words about you down the line. You feel like you own the place. Now, if we take a step back and look at a different angle- its nothing but an aura of illusion that we see ourselves in. The very people who say good words about you are waiting in line to throw mud at you when things are shady.
    Does taking pride at work place depends on where you work? If we are asked to say Gimme three good reasons on why you want to work for this company and also three reasons why you think the company is not worth working for?, I bet 90 out of 100 people will take less time for the later half of the question than the former. This tells something.
    All said, we do something (work) because of passion for it and we work for someone (company) because we need money and if being loyal to the company doesnt get you the money you deserve, it is time to move on.
    Please dont take me to be too materialistic, I started my career getting exactly half of what I get now . In fact I take pride in telling that this is where I started my journey. I vouch for passion for work more than pride at work place as that has been motivating factor me for the last 4 years to get up at 7 in the morning and get my lazy @## to drive 40 miles each way on every frickin day.
    Loyalty to the company–>my advise ->Dont take work too personal. it gives lot of pain. you will see lot of things that you do not want see and you will feel more hurted than needed. You will have people taking your loyality for granted and above all making use of your service in a way that you do not even dream.
    This is not frustration that I am venting out. These are the lessons I learnt for my self.


  4. Lots of Dialogue. I LOVE it !

    We all need the paycheck. I cannot agree more Raju. 9 out 10 agree and 1 is a liar !

    I will add more…meanwhile

    I will look to others to add to your thoughts. A lot of our friends are reading and not sharing….NOT fair guys and gals !

    Remember, if you and I have a dollar and we trade, we are richer by nothing. If you and I have a idea/thought and we trade, we are richer by an idea/thought each….share !


  5. I think as long as you are working for a company do not let the company’s image down in the period you are working and be loyal..

    INTEGRITY is the key while working and EVEN AFTER LEAVING… do not reveal confidentials regarding your company in your life time , immeterial of whether or not you are working for that company at a given time.

    You may leave the Organization for whole differnt reasons but Loyalty while working, Integrity for a life time and respect should always be there.

    Hope it makes sense…



  6. Let’s assume your job is of driving and the car you drive is the company you work for. Will I be lying if I say that I hate my car but enjoy every single second I am driving it?
    If I go with Raju, I am not lying. But, if I go with Shailu, I am.
    Any thoughts …


  7. Eccentric,
    Good analogy. Here’s my thought. If the car you are driving is like the company you work for, the choice was all yours to pick the car (or company where you work). Let’s say, you absolutely hate the car, then chances are very rare you are enjoying every single round you are driving. Also it’s time to get a new car/company. Just because you chose and car/company u end up hating, you are NOT stuck with it for life….Life is full of choices….and choices are not real without action.


  8. I cannot agree more. Let me add my 2 cents..In the same analogy that you used, driving is the passion you have and it stays with you no matter which car you drive. As long as you do not lose that passion, your journey will never crash irrespective of whether you drive what you like or not.
    Remember that not everything we do is out of our desire or Interest, it is the result of choice we made some time back in our life. it is just a matter of time that we will get chance to make a choice again and this time it will be better than earlier because we learned our lesson the first time. The key is to engage ourselves atleast for a few hours every day in doing something that we enjoy most.In your example, like riding your dream motorcycle when you are done with the suffocating car drive for the day…Just kidding. it reminds me of the lyric from swades song:
    Tu na poochh raaste mein kaahe
    Aaye hain is tarha do raahein
    Tu hi toh hai raah jo sujhaaye
    Tu hi toh hai ab jo ye bataaye
    Chaahe toh kis disha mein jaaye…



  9. Hi,

    I agree with you shailanna, as long as you work in a company be loyal to that company and always try to be the part of success story of that company.



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