A new year beckons…time to get yourself organized and planned…

For folks who have been wondering why this long silence (exactly a month !) on my blog posts, I would blame it on my writer’s block. Yes, lack of a genuine statement to jot. I would not take the route of “I don’t have time routine”. Aren’t we all sick of hearing that all the time ? ūüôā I won’t add to your misery there.

My soul cries for those who are trying to get overrun by the clock. I have my compass well set, and the clock has never bothered me. Why ? Because I have one simple rule. “For things you absolutely want to do in life, You will ALWAYS find time. For things you don’t you will ALWAYS find an excuse !”

‘Nuf said, let’s cut to the chase…

A new year is around the corner. The best time to look back at how the past 12 months turned out, and what you can expect in 2007, is a swell idea. And the worst time to pick is 31st Dec to do that. That day should be reserved to have fun, and welcoming the new year.¬†¬†The RIGHT time to review with a sense of contentment what 2006 offered and sense of urgency to get unfinished work taken care of in 2007 is NOW. A good 2 weeks will be a good time to start planning. And I¬†‘ mean those infamous project plan type monster documents you churn at work, hoping they will pass the SQA auditor’s eyes !

I mean, a genuine 10-20 list of things in various areas where u want to see yourself grow in 2007. Planning that certification you have been putting off for years ? Wanted to start a small business and didnt get off the intertia ? Is now a good time ? You bet. Current times are the MOST promising times ever for entrepreneurs ! I had started this against the tide, when all was gloomy and doomy, and lived through some rough times. So you already have an advantage if you do it in 2007. Always planned to change your job and never got off the inertia to look in the market ? Is 2007 the year you rewrite history of daring to take your forever languishing desire ?

How about that everytime broken promise of a workout 3 times a week ? Time to revisit that, eh ? It’s simple really, if you think about it. All you are planning for is 52 weeks, if u think of it that way. Many have snubbed this new year planning thing as a fad, saying it does no good. I disagree. All I ask is you do jot a few points with a header ” What I want from 2007″ and lock it in a chest. Next yr, this time, when you review, you would be amazed !

When you jot what you want, the law of attraction pulls these with a force you cannot imagine. This is because your subconscious mind “registers” your inner needs.

My best to all for 2007. And yes, some of newbies have asked me the rules of goal setting, and now that iam off my infamous writer’s block, you will see a flurry of blogs from me on everything under the sun.


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