Ask yourself before you call it a night…

The questions below should help some Self Check. Folks ask me how to get into the habit of writing a journal that wont look like a daily log. So I compiled a few questions. Answering them briefly for a few days verbally (if you just cant get a pen on paper) would be a great start to organize your thoughts. This exercise dramatically sets your sub conscious mind into ensuring it has good answers after this drill a few days….

Was today a productive day ?
Did u spend time with family ?
Did u see TV ? How long ?
Did u read today ?
Did you spend money ?
Was it necessary spending ?
Did you spend time wisely today ?
Did u learn something new today ?
Did you help someone today ?
Did you plan for tomorrow ?
Did you wake up on time today as per your usual schedule ?
Did you eat on time today ?
Did you exercise today ?
Do you plan to, tomorrow ?
Did you smile today ?
Did you yell at someone today ?
Were you happy most of the day ? Why/Why not ?
What did you accomplish today ?
Did you pursue your hobby today ?
If you were given back the whole day, what would you do differently ?
Do you think today mapped to your long term goals in life ?
If you planned something today and could not get to it, will you do it  tomorrow ?

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