So what’s the best business to be in for rapid success and growth ? Simple..Your OWN !


Are you the stuff of an Entrepreneur ?  To find out, check the list….

I want to be completely in-charge of my destiny

I want to be in control

I want to make a secure future for my family, and make a difference in the Society

I have the passion to build things.

I want the power to control my life than the other way around.

I want the power to choose when to work, and when to be free.

This is my dream, and I will pursue it…starting TODAY. I have a plan.

I have a compass for my life, and I have the power to manage my clock.


Having travelled this path, making mistakes as I moved in this exciting and perilous journey, I thought it would be wonderful if I start sharing information, tips, links, advise for those who want to tread the road not taken by 96% of the society.

Watch this space for more….

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