The Dog Seed…

“A dog seed”? “Yep” “What in the world is a Dog seed” ?? Here’s the story behind the Dog seed that shows how creatively kids can  think, an art we adults posing as the  know it alls, lost in the speed of growing up…

My 6 year old son, Dhanush and I were in a “what should we do interesting in 2012” discussion, as we were driving from school back home.

Here goes the conversation and the secret behind the Dog Seed…
“Dad, we should get a dog”.
“A dog ?? Thats a lot of work…are you ready for it, Dhanush”?
“Yes, Dad, I think I have grown big enough to be responsible”
“Ah, I see. And whats responsibility” ?
“It is doing your homework in time, and listening to your parents”
“Impressive, Dhanush. Then here’s my answer to your dog request…We need to get a dog in summer, but you need to decide what you want now, we will see your responsible behavior for a few months and then decide on it”
“Sounds like a lot of work, dad. I’d rather get a dog seed”
“A dog seed” ???
“Yes, dad. We can buy a dog seed and plant it in our backyard.By summer, the dog would have grown and ready to play with me”
“Ok,Dhanush, that is an excellent plan.Make sure you ask your teacher where to buy a dog seed.You got your dog seed, you win.”!
“Yay. Thanks Dad. So it’s a YES”?
“Yes Sir. Lets see what your teacher says first…”

And Dhanush, thanks for getting me off the writers block withyour Dog seed…not sure if we can grow a Dog that way, but the seed of creative thinking you gave me, just got me started on my blogs again. Thank you, son. Now I do know why Child is the father of the man. Someday when you grow to read this, I hope you will find it fun reading, and post it on your facebook  update (or whatever is the trend then).

Love, Dad.

PS: I’m waiting for the discussion update between Dhanush and his teacher. Will keep you posted! Until then, cheers!

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