A child’s wish…

“So… Do you know what Dhanush wished for at Disneyland ?!” my wife, Sireesha asked me, as were driving back home last night. We get both kids snuggled up on the car on a late night with their favorite comforters, and drive around our neighborhood, talking. After a hard day’s work, it’s a tremendous way to bust the stress and put kids to bed. You should try it too…  They snooze so fast when we get into the late night drive, it works every time! My sons, Dhanush and Ankush were already asleep in the car…

After a wonderful, fun vacation trip that included a days trip to Disney’s magic kingdom last week, I was so caught up on post vacation todos I had forgotten about the wish.

” Oh, Dhanush’s wish he had made at the disney river ride when he dropped the coin I gave him. What was it about ?” I asked

“He made a wish you will be proud of”, Sireesha said. She was about to tell me what it was when my mind wandered off to Disney world…2 days ago….


“Dad, Dad, Dad, do you have a coin ?!! I want to drop it in the water while we are on this ride”….Dhanush was all excited…. there is something about the excitement in a child at Disney world…nothing comes close to it…. my 6 year old son’s excitement was no less.

” Let me look, Dhanush…sorry no coins”…”Wait, I have one…here, use it to make a good wish”

It was, as it turns out,  a 1 Rupee coin that had been with me for a long time. I stuck with me for a long time, so I was debating whether to part with it…but if my son needs it to make a wish, it will serve it’s purpose.

“Dhanush, you know the rules of making a wish right, always make it for someone, and dont share it with the one who gave you the coin”

“Ok, Dad, the ride’s almost ending, now, my coin…pllllleeeaassse!”

I gave him the coin and before I asked “what do u say??” expecting a thaaaank you but by then he had closed his eyes and made a wish and dropped it in.

“Can I tell you Nanna” ?

” I can make a guess, so don’t tell me, when you share wishes, they dont come true”

“Ok, Ok I want it to come true. I wont tell you then..”

I was smug enough to think I already know what he wanted ? A buzz light year toy ? A nerf gun ? A new chess board ? Kids can be very predictable….so I thought….


“You listening to me ??!” Sireesha brought me back to the present.

“Oh, sorry, I was reliving the Disney moment. So he did share his wish with you, does he know if he shares he cant make it true…” I ask.

“Dear, he’s 6 years old. He trusts Mickey more than you and I. At Disneyland, Mickey tells him all dreams and wishes come true…no rules.”

“Ok, ma’am. Now do tell me what he wants, a toy..a new game, a new bag ??”

“He’s your son. So take a guess.” She taunts.

“He must have followed my first rule then. Make the wish, not about you”

“He did”, Sireesha says proudly. I can tell shes already proud of his wish. ” He made a wish for his grandma (nani)”

“That is something. What did he wish for her”, I interrupt.

“He says Nani is so alone and I dont see Thatha (his grandpa, my dad) anymore. I wish that Mickey sends back Thatha from heaven…”

She was saying something else but I was unable to hear the rest of it ” That was some wish”…I said, not knowing how to react to it.

I think we all know that Dhanush’s wish will not come true. Its not because be broke the rules and shared it. It’s not because the wish is not sincere….I dont think a 6 year old even knows what insincere means. He still believes in his dreams, wishes, disneyland and Mickey….So if GOD’s reading this blog, here’s something for you from earth….

“GOD, I can live with the fact that I lost my Dad July 2009, and no matter what, I am not getting him back. He’s yours now. All I know is that Iam  is trying to be the same father for my son, and teach him how to live for others….Can you do something to not make Mickey look a liar when he promised that ALL wishes made at Disneyland come true…..at least tell my Dad… your grandson did something so big, that  he has the biggest heart in our Tipparaju family”.

For now, I will let my son show me the way how to live for others, clearly he’s the leader on this one., and keep making many many wishes for others. Dhanush Tipparaju, my dearest, Iam proud to be your father.

Shailu Tipparaju


  1. Proud to be his mom. I couldn’t stop my tear when he told me the wish. How could he even comeup with such a one in middle of Disney. That is what he is.

    Here is how it ended….
    When we re returning on Monorail to parking lot. He saw a movie themed monorail and he said wow amma I love that. After that one passed we had few monorails (regular ones) passed as were waiting to board one. When it was our turn guess what … it was the same monorail he loved stopped in front of us. I was wishing in my heart for that. GOD truly is there. When we boarded I told see Dhanush I told if you wish good for others God always watches and he makes your wish come true without you even asking for it. He was so happy he hugged me and fell asleep. It was 11:00 PM already.

    I love you Dhanush. For all the naught things you do, back answering you are always my darling.

    Love Amma.


  2. Shailu…I am not sure whether you read this or not.. but I am in tears after reading this..Yes. you are indeed a proud father. .I never met Danush however after going through his wish I was literally in tears. He is a gifted child. I met your Dad so many times and I miss Uncle a lot. I still remember the moments when he came to Bangalore as I was rootmate of Ramu(Raj) at Bangalore. BTW you look exactly like your Dad..


  3. Great people are not great by doing some thing great, but by thinking some thing great. He is the perfect example of greatness.

    I am sure this Guy will do amazing things like his FATHER and GRANDPA (my dearest Pedananna)…bless you my BOY.

    My Pedananna family is perfect example for “HOW TO LIVE FOR OTHERS”.
    I am very proud to be part of this family….and trying to be so.

    It feels great when you wish for some one and help some one.

    I remember my Pedananna once saying “We all prayed for you (instead of praying for themselves after driving so long) when we visited Annavaram temple”. These words still ring in my ears and mind every time I pray or wish.
    Believe me, after that I never wished for myself. He was such a great inspiration, indeed the entire family of my pedananna.

    I love you all…

    I miss you a lot Pedananna!!! 😦


    1. The comment came as anonymous. Can u share this thought on facebook as well pl. Very excellent thoughts and words. THANK YOU.



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