A self-assessment tool for career growth plans…


I had some recent exchanges on career changes with quite a few folks who have closely followed my mentoring over the years, and they wanted something they could use for next steps after the session…

The notes below are a series of self assessment questions to help you put together a notes as you plan your next leap…set a good solid focused time to fill in answers below. It could be worth your next career change!! All the best.


– What are my skills ? i.e, what are my personal and professional skills that the world and people around me constantly recognize me for ?

– What are the specific skills that I think come naturally to me?

– what are my interests ? What am I drawn towards with innate curiosity ?

– What’s the overall fit between my current position where I work and my interests and  skills?

– What is my overall level of satisfaction with your current position? Are you beginning to sense it’s time for a change?

– Do you anticipate that any of the following changes will occur in the foreseeable future? (Check all that apply.)

  • Change in supervisor
  • Change in job
  • Relocation: another part of country or international
  • Change in workspace
  • Corporate downsizing or merger
  • Change in employer
  • Change in the type of work you do
  • Promotion
  • Transfer to another division or part of the company
  • Job redefined or enlarged
  • Change to supervisory role
  • What are the implications of any anticipated changes?
  • Will I need to learn new skills?
  • Will a change result in a more or less favorable position for you in terms of job fit and opportunity?

Skills: Strengths and Gaps

What are your top five skills (i.e., those where you have the most proficiency and/or those you enjoy using the most)?

What are the top two or three skills you need to learn in order to grow in your job, advance to the next level, or seek a new job?

What are your key transferable skills—those skills that are not just job-specific but that can be applied to work in many positions? Example: basic computer skills, negotiation skills, financial analysis.

What do you think others would say are your strengths?

  • The Next Step and Opportunity

As a next step towards your long-term career goals, where do you see yourself six to twelve months from now?

What are some developmental opportunities you can take advantage of?

What parts of your work would you like to continue doing, or do with more skill?

What new work activities or positions would you like to try?

What are your short-term career-development goals?

What support do you need to achieve them? (Training, people, time, money, etc.)

What do you think others would say about your work and your career aspirations and plans?

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