A tryst with time – Chapter 1

Question 1 – Do wounds heal as time goes by?                                      


—-   Day 1 – Feb 24th 2015 —–

  • Time: “Hello Shailu, you asked for me and here I am…so tell me, What is it that you want to know so badly?”
  • Shailu: “Glad you are here. I have a lot of questions. But first – why did you show up when I asked for you today, even though I have been asking for years?! Can anyone ask for you and will you show up, in time (no pun intended)?”
  • Time: “No. I show up and answer to those who truly respect me. It takes ages to earn that kind of respect, and you have earned it. So here I am.”
  • Shailu: “Well, lets not waste a moment, then. Here is my Question 1 – I heard that you heal wounds as you pass through the ages. True?!”
  • Time: “Huh!! I heal wounds (emotional and physical) as I pass ….says who?! I never said it, did u humans just make that up?”
  • Shailu: “I have personally seen you 40 cycles (years) pass through my life so far, and I think this concept or notion existed before me. Is it true or not? Based on your response… it doesn’t sound like it.”
  • Time: “Well, not sure if you realize it, but it is NOT TRUE. I will explain. There are 2 wounds – emotional and physical. We will start with the simpler one. A physical wound, an injury. It gets better with time. Right? What do you think really is happening?”
  • Shailu: “Well, for one, when we humans are wounded, a real small injury, we leave it alone or make do, with a band aid. A bigger one, we get it mended with professional help. In time, the wound heals.”
  • Time: “Ha! So there was something YOU did – I didn’t. I just passed through watching you do something about it!”
  • Shailu: “Hmm….what about when we humans do nothing and the physical wound gets better?”
  • Time: “There is no such thing… your body generates tons of chemicals to heal a wound. It works a lot to heal the wound, what you call in human language, 24X7!!”
  • Shailu: “So you are saying doing nothing, will not work – emotional or physical healing. In essence, even emotional wounds or losses wont heal as u pass by then, it needs effort and initiative?”
  • Time: “Yep…nothing happens as I pass, it needs work. Pretending that a wound or loss does not exist is no way to heal it. In fact, someone smart may have said, ‘with effort, wounds heal, and it takes time’. Someone conveniently took a portion of that statement…not that I am complaining, I get a lot of credit for nothing!”
  • Shailu : “I get it now, well, sort of. Looks like I have a LOT of effort and initiative to catch up on. The emotional wound that I left alone, hoping you will heal, started in 1996, and is still there, fresh as ever. I better get to work healing it myself then. Doing nothing has done nothing. You certainly didn’t help.”
  • Time :”I am here, aren’t I, to nudge?! Anyways, being who I am, I know the wound, but most reading this blog may not. You better tell them. And those who do know, by the way, are all stuck in the same 1996. It takes you, to start healing the world from what happened, and you will heal yourself in time. Good luck!!”

———- Day 3 Feb 26th 2015 ——

  • Shailu :

I have taken the first step, and it feels good already!

Feb 25th 2015. I posted the first birthday greetings for my brother, Mahendra Tipparaju, after 19 years…he may have passed into ages in 1996 in a car crash, at a tender age of 25, and left many, many who he touched dearly, still stuck there in shock, with a false notion that we will all heal with time. WE WON’T…unless we all take initiative. And fellas, we will all heal together and celebrate his legacy and lessons he left and share with the world! I have to admit, the number of personal messages and responses I got from you all, just with 1 post, have been overwhelming.

Thank you, time, for waking me up! Let the healing begin!

More to come…keep on watching my tryst with time. If I respect it enough, it will come back and answer more of my questions. I will be sure to share…I am a big sharer! Until the next tryst…ciao!


PS : Yes, my pen/keyboard is back with a bang!


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