Remains of the day

How do you know you had a great day at work ? How can you plan one that would fall into the category of “exceptional” category tomorrow? The best way to see how to measure a day or to plan one and list the remains of the day is a simple framework that I have used for many years, and works quite well. Simply executing the day doing won’t get an A grade. It makes it yet another day. Measure what matters…

The framework : Things you will do at work are likely one of these four categories. Thinking, Doing, Learning, Guiding. If a day had heavy thinking and learning, the mind will tell you it was a great day (A grade), because it receives mental stimulation, challenge and satisfaction. If the day was spent doing or guiding someone on doing, communicating to others on what was done or will be, another good grade. The key categories for your mind to feel challenged and grow, is learning and thinking. Good measure of remains of the day will be the where you spend time more in the thinking, learning and guiding areas.

Step 1
The start of the day. Write down three key things to do that day. Things of substance. Not routine (checking your emails, messages, voicemails and answering promptly, isn’t one of them, they are just the standard routine).

Step 2
Find a way to alert you while working, an alarm/reminder (I set mine to every 1 hour). A good way to measure a day is to see what you are doing at the moment when the reminder hits. Chances are high what you are doing at the moment is just that, “keep doing or stop doing”. Keep a measure – I should plan a few thinking, learning tasks today. With enough practice you will not only value your time, but also increase chances of making day root for the A+ grade more!

Wish you the best in making everyday – A Thinking, Doing, Learning, Guiding day!

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