Reflections with legends…Jay & Bala

Entrepreneurs conference @ Chicago July 2019


Shining with brilliance, brimming with confidence & sharing with elegance, an icon and inspiration – Jay Vijayan – an entrepreneur, engineer, inventor and investor. Jay is the founder and CEO of Tekion, and the former CIO for Tesla Inc.. reporting to Elon Musk, and the creator of the platform that runs the iconic Tesla world. Truly enjoyed the chat and the talk between our book life Reflections, his mission to enhance end-user experience and unify automobile manufacturers and consumers, via Tekion – globally. Looking forward to many more interactions with him.

Of course, the day would never have been as complete without the legendary Thala – Edu-star Bala V. Balachandran Anna, a dear friend, a great mentor and an exceptional business partner, who spell-bound the audience at GTEN with his keynote as he regaled everyone with his journey of Bala to Blockchain, who brings a flair to business and education.


Wrapped the day with a chat with the sons of Dr. Bala – Dr. Sudhakar & Dr. Diwakar. The best coffee, the warmest hosts in town, and exceptionally hospitable family – loved every moment with them. Such people are a blessing to the society.

Shailu & Bala.


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