Engineering excellence meets Business Relevance! An evening with scientists and icons, at the University of Chicago.

Science and Research Opportunities of India (Sci-ROI) […] works closely with the Government of India to build a vibrant community of scientists and scholars across the Midwest who intend to engage in research and entrepreneurial opportunities in India, as well as developing new modes of institutional engagement that enable mutually beneficial research collaborations between India and the US.” – Sci-ROI.

This initiative resonates so much with our team here, so of course, our very own Shailu Tipparaju attended and presented at this event.

As the Forbes Council Member, a CTO, an avid researcher, and more importantly, a passionate teacher who believes in spreading the information wealth bundled with principles of humility, nobility and ability – Shailu loves to connect engineers to industry, and brings self-awareness in the process. With his learnings, he helped engage discussions on AI, machine learning, the future of education, and applying science and engineering to propel entrepreneurship.

This was a great opportunity to meet great scientists in the community and discover what they are doing. Shailu Tipparaju also got a chance to meet Dr. Sam Pitroda, the father of Indian Telecom. It was an amazing and humbling experience.

We are truly grateful that we were thought of for such an important event in the community. Thank you, Sci-ROI for the opportunity to share our thoughts and experience and thank you for endowing us with a chance to meet so many major playmakers in the Midwest area and Thank you University of Chicago for hosting!

Dr. Sam Pitroda and Shailu Tipparaju

It was also the perfect occasion to give the book of Reflections, authored by Shailu Tipparaju and Bala V Balachandran, designed by the ever talented design UX specialist, Kshitiz Anand. Thank you for a superb job! You brought our thoughts on paper beautifully, and Dr. Sam Pitroda was thrilled to receive a copy of the book.

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