Veritas – Harvard Business School @Boston!

What is legacy?” I have always pondered….We cannot leave footprints in the sands of time by just sitting down!! So… with the firm determination to learn …and fierce execution to inspire, here is my first announcement for 2020… 

This past few weeks of Jan 2020 have been a dream-start! To the year full of promise, learning, experiencing the power of mentoring.. my long cherished dream of being associated with best of the best learning places in the world, has come true by me being accepted to Harvard Business School Owner/President Management program! It feels like a dream come true, to pursue my longest cherished goal at the most reputed school, an exclusively designed program delivered by the best faculty globally, to guide me expand my leadership skills, confidence, collaborations and vision—and prepare me for the opportunities and challenges ahead.

The journey starts May 2020!

Going back into a dorm room to stay as a student is something that makes me feel 20s all over again, and while this has taken many by pleasant surprise, this was a plan long time in the making, specifically intended to inspire my two children – Dhanush (14) and Ankush (11), my amazing family, friends and colleagues, and all my centurions globally.

I have been reflecting on the things this past year, that I am most grateful for: There is so much to be thankful for, on our journey with the ecosystem of family, friends, well-wishers, our esteemed customers, endearing employees, exceptional vendors & partners, and encouraging collaborators – each of whom have had a significant role to play in taking our companies from good to GREAT. 2019 has been a mellifluous symphony of three keys themes: HBS, as we wrapped an incredible 2019, and launched with excitement to unwrap and an amazing 2020:

1. Harmony (A consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts)

The first theme for me has been harmony. With so much activity,  persona and professional progress and growth – one thing that has been consistent, is how this has resulted in a orderly growth in brand, revenue and scale with the ability to manage the pace with the harmony of core values of integrity, intensity and ingenuity. This is evident based on the strong positive feedback from our ecosystem. Harmony is what brings the magic into our work and life. I am very hopeful this will be the core themes in 2020 and beyond as well.

2. Balance (A condition in which different elements are in the correct proportions)

All has not just been just a “all work-no play” theme! I have had the fortune of seeing us plan, execute, learn, and share – and at the same time bring so much energy & fun to balance our lives and work. This has been reflected in so many ways in our informal and formal communication channels, social media posts, learning the piano, so much laughter through the year, and even more exciting things to come in 2020! I highly encourage everyone in 2020 to go pursue a hobby: this brings so many avenues to bind and bond with the ones you care most about, and becomes a channel to express your creativity and unwind – from the rigors of work which will continue to propel forward. It is all about balance!

3. Satisfaction (fulfillment of one’s wishes, expectations, needs, and pleasure derived from it).

The most important conversation you can have, maybe the conversations …within. Make them full of positive energy, self-drive and let that satisfaction charge you ahead. Satisfaction of current and ambition for future is what will give you the way forward. More importantly, nothing we accomplish in life and work is worth it, if we cannot calm down, sit back, observe the results, and soak in the moment to reflect, and sink in the satisfaction of the results. 

A simple cup of tea with a dear one, a tender moment with a family member, a kind communication of thankfulness with a colleague/client and even more importantly, a conversation within yourself to see “what were the finest moments of this past year that gave me most satisfaction, and how do I use that energy to drive into 2020 and forward?!” 

I am deeply humbled and privileged to be part of such an inspiring group of people at work and home. Thank you for EVERYTHING! Wish me luck, as I get my back to school supplies, Harvard school gear for Summer 2020… and head into the world of learning…all over again!

Along with the inspiration of my parents, and many many people in my wonderful family globally, friends, colleagues and well-wishers – I wanted to especially thank two mentors who have had a profound impact – Dr. Bala Balachandran – an icon of education, for inspiring me to go take the dive and pursue this program and interact with the brightest minds and expand my horizons, and Tobey Choate – an outstanding leader, exceptional mentor, incredibly articulate annd classy professional, who gave me the first tour and experience of a visit to Harvard this week! An institute in the making since 1636, his golden words on “what makes Harvard, Harvard?”, is something that will need its own blog post!

Thank you Tobey! You are a true inspiration for many!

Thank you, Bala Anna – for the many lessons, and many more to come!

To my parents, with deepest respect, & love!

To my parents, with deepest respect and love.

Yours truly…GO CRIMSON!


  1. It is my hope that you will successly go through with this program. Due to the covid 19 pandemic most of my colleagues in the service were not able to make the April/May 2020 session of this HBS ‘s meaningful journey. I wish you all the best and look forward to stories of your HBS adventure.


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