Resilience in Turbulence…

A letter to the centurions worldwide: Resilience in turbulence: 

“My dear colleagues: We stand at the crossroads of one of the most challenging times in history, but we stand together in this fight. This team of centurions is not just a team for me, my dears, no…this is a congregation, a tribe, anointed by nature itself, not just for the times of sunlight but also for such times of ominous clouds looming on us all. We are a tribe, a team that will be used in the future as a beacon, to define commitment, values, grit, and “Resilience in turbulence”. We are a family forged in fire and bonded forever, not by blood, but by purpose.

This spectacle, and the spectators …are given the rare privilege to watch, and engage… as this strange mystery unfolds, as the finest of talents from the rarest of minds finessed to perfection will perform with attention, as the strongest of warriors shall battle with conviction, to create a legacy far beyond the realms of mortal judgment. What we do now, will refine us. How we respond will define us. History will salute every aspirant, who will emerge strong and build an eternal reality, driven with infernal vitality.  An invisible devil will be soon vanquished by a larger invisible angel…This too shall pass. 

We have the time yet, to rekindle our spirits forged in our blood, sweat, and tears.  YES, we can, and SURE we will!” We will not just survive, but bounce back strong and thrive!   We may be a few thousand centurions, yes, but we are not short in the might of a million! You are all my dearest darlings. Your veins run in my blood. Your dreams build my world, your fears become my enemies, your strengths become my power!  My best to everyone’s family, friends, and well-wishers. #Stay Safe. #Stay Positive.

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