LIFE will find a way…as long as LOVE & HOPE have not lost the way!

How can anyone smile in a time of darkness and gloom?

Well, the answers, my dears… is LOVE and HOPE

We are all asked now to be socially distant, but not to be emotionally distant! You all have all known someone’s rhythm of their heart, longer than they have known themselves. You have always known the many many ways that made these people so special for you. NOW is a great time to tell them that you care about them very very much.

Love is a great gift. The only thing we can all hold on to eternally. Don’t ever throw away this precious gift or take it lightly. Love can lift the heaviest weights, and uplift the lightest spirits…Love alone can get you through the darkest times with the brightest hopes.

We have lost nothing until we have lost love and hope. Love is our companion at all times even when we feel alone…Because Love is inside us, even when our shadow takes a break in the darkness. Love is possible because of the people around us, at home now, and because of the ones online in touch with us…

Celebrate love. Celebrate hope. LIFE will find a way as long as LOVE & HOPE have not lost the way.


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