Mindful Consumption, Meaningful Interaction: The new year beckons….

So… let us talk about how to reflect on the year wrapping and a new one unfolding. Here is a simple framework to jot ideas, which I have themed into: Mindful Consumption, Meaningful Interaction. Hope you find this a useful framework and feel free to adjust the recipe to your preference. 

To help illustrate, here is my last sketch of 2020 (a year that finally found a momentum to my brush after decades)!

The bow and arrow represent focus and ambition, strongly connected to germination of ideas and innovation, with the energy and poise of a performer, with a sharp eye with focus, while handling gracefully, the entanglements of expectations within, and of the society.

So, with this positive directional vibe, let us usher in the new year 2021, while practicing the Mindful Consumption, Meaningful Interaction framework.

  1. Mindful Consumption
    The key to a successful balancing act, is a conscious choice in consumption, and the one question to ask “Am I making a mindful consumption? Does this make sense?” Consumption choices hit us every min, choices we make in the areas of health (food, medicines, and everything else that goes into the body), with moderation in mind, to show that we respect the body that works tirelessly to meet our ever demanding goals. Give the body the time and attention it deserves.
    The next focus on mindful consumption is data, the food for the Mind. What goes into the mind through our consumption of content determines how we feel, so a deliberate choice of what you consume this year to enable a positive mindset may be one the most important decisions you will make. Not just on the last day of this year, or the first day of the new, but a conscious choice everyday! Then come the Things….oh things that draw our attention to become part of our lives! Adding things to consume is great, and enhances our lives, but the trickiest part is the awareness of “how much is too much??” Be mindful of things, and gravitate to experiences vs things. Just make sure that you are the one driving the consumption, without being consumed. This clearly brings in the finances in and out in your life and the consumption choices in impulse spend vs investments, short term thrills vs long term assets. The most important meaning of all you can do this year, is to make it a year of Learning, and a year of Hobbies. 2020 had put a pause button on the world to focus inward, and if you finally found that time to tap into the inner artist in any expression, let that continue into 2021. You will reflect end of the year at the same time, to see this may have been the best consumption of your resources, energy, time and intent to nurture yourself in a new hobby or learning every week, and keep the curious you, going!
  2. Meaningful Interaction
    The interactions you will have as you reflect inwards and with world outwards are best when meaningful. When you share something in your environment, and you search for meaning at personal and professional life, your connections, your relationships, and decisions that drive your personality, career, family life, growth, and a reach out to the community, thing of one thing : “Does this interaction reflect the authentic me?”. That one question will be a strong bedrock to look back at 2020 across all your communication channels, and look forward to 2021 as a beacon question. It certainly helps me everyday as I interact.

With the twin frameworks of Mindful Consumption and Meaningful Interaction to reflect on the year gone, and the one ahead…. from the bottom of my heart, I wish you and all that you hold dear, that in this new year luck will find you at every turn, and be with you in health, wealth and prosperity.


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