What defines a GREAT Place to work?


where exchange of information is unambiguous
where response to external factors is proactive
where treatment of people (internal/external) is respectful
where access to opportunities is unbiased
where action on feedback is purposeful
where reaction to under-performance is swift 
where recognition of results is equitable.
where celebration of culture is inclusive.
where alignment of leadership is consistent.

Do you know such a place? Do you aspire to create one ? Do you want to be part of one ? The only way to create one is to create new frontiers of education, to carve such a lovely place. And if you know one place, education of executives will give it that fine polish of concepts to contexts. Coming soon, the path to that greatness in companies, which is nothing more than the greatness in the people who power them!


Would love to hear some workplaces that you think match such a wonderful criteria!

Shailu Tipparaju

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