The quantum of Assumptions….unlocked

Magna 5: The DNA of ‘Assumptions’
An assumption, at its core definition, is quite simply “an unexamined belief: what we think, without realizing we think it.”

Let’s warm up with a few reflective questions…(this would be even more impactful when you do this exercise on paper).
– When was the last time your assumptions were completely off?
– When was the last time your assumptions were spot-on?
– What was the outcome(s) of your initiative(s) or relationship(s) on each case?
– Which of these made you a better person/professional from the experiences?

Deeper reflections
Have you been reflective and conscious of how you make assumptions when making decisions? 
Do you believe we tend to adjust our assumption lens to rationalize our decisions?

Magna5 – The DNA of Assumptions : The framework, and underlying concepts in how we use assumptions in making decisions even we don’t realize we are doing it.

Is this an assumption that you are making based on emotion/ gut check/experience, or based on an objective data sources or contact ? Did you ink the assumption before you pulled the trigger on key decisions. Has this assumption been made by you individually, or as a group?

Is this assumption something that can be measured in some form of tangible metric? Can this be handed to someone to measure on your behalf?

Is this assumption based on reliable information or trustable sources? How did you verify the reliability? Do you have a sounding board that you feel you can challenge your assumptions in a safe environment?

Does this assumption hold consistent across all situations or does it fluctuate fast? Is this something that has a comparable to other experiences you have had, and can be evaluated for comparison?

Does this assumption hold the test of time? Will this hold true as things evolve?
Does this morph or stand the test of pressures of emotions, situations and time.

And,…that’s all for this topic. I am assuming you would read this, take the exercise to paper and eventually find this tool as a useful kit as you make your next decision! Would love to get your insights and ideas and how unlocked your MAGNA (greatness) in being as Master Assumer 🙂

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