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Shailu Tipparaju

Patriot, Entrepreneur, Artist, Technologist, Educator, Mentor, Family-man.

To MBA or not to MBA ?

Pre-MBA Self-Assessment Checklist If you agree with each of the following statements, you are ready to begin the process of obtaining an MBA. 1.  I have identified the following: the management field/job function that interests me the industry that interests me the location where I would like to be 2.  […]

A quick shorcut to Instant Happiness…

Here’s something that can grant you instant satisfaction….and won’t cost you a penny ! Look up your contacts (ALL possible old/new contacts), and initiate contact via email/letter/phone with someone you haven’t connected in more than a year or so… Start with an interesting note remembering where u left off and how […]

If you had a choice….

Would you pick up a life that is filled with swings of wild turbulence, joy, sorrow, passion and adventure with intoxicating success and disastrous failures…..Or a life that is happy, secure,  always surrounded by friends and well wishers and predictable without a wild swing of fate and fortunes…. What if you […]