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Shailu Tipparaju

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MBA and The 7 Deadly Sins…

“So what constitutes an MBA ” ? Instead of a boring lecture…”Learn these 7 and you are an MBA”, I slightly twisted it to indulge myself and make some interesting reading….Don’t get too deep and start analyzing. There… I cautioned you. And you purist MBAs, take it easy…this is just […]

An Angel enters the world…

Oct 8th, 8:54 PM….. Chicago (St’ Alexius Hospital – Labor room) The clock was taking it’s three tireless soldier hands on the same journey round the clock, as it did for centuries. The Hour hand set to make its target a steady west in a few minutes, and the Minute hand […]

To MBA or not to MBA ?

Pre-MBA Self-Assessment Checklist If you agree with each of the following statements, you are ready to begin the process of obtaining an MBA. 1.  I have identified the following: the management field/job function that interests me the industry that interests me the location where I would like to be 2.  […]

A quick shorcut to Instant Happiness…

Here’s something that can grant you instant satisfaction….and won’t cost you a penny ! Look up your contacts (ALL possible old/new contacts), and initiate contact via email/letter/phone with someone you haven’t connected in more than a year or so… Start with an interesting note remembering where u left off and how […]