A tryst with time – Chapter 1

Question 1 – Do wounds heal as time goes by?                                                 —-   Day 1 – Feb 24th 2015 —– Time: “Hello Shailu, you asked for me and here I am…so tell me, What is it that you want to know so badly?” Shailu: “Glad you are here. I have a […]

A child’s wish…

“So… Do you know what Dhanush wished for at Disneyland ?!” my wife, Sireesha asked me, as were driving back home last night. We get both kids snuggled up on the car on a late night with their favorite comforters, and drive around our neighborhood, talking. After a hard day’s […]

Return of the DOG Seed…

First of all, a BIG thank you to friends, family, and work associates. Your comments, input drove many more wonderful conversations with my son, Dhanush. I kept waiting as eagerly as you to get the results of him asking his teacher. As expected, the results were far more interesting. This […]

The Dog Seed…

“A dog seed”? “Yep” “What in the world is a Dog seed” ?? Here’s the story behind the Dog seed that shows how creatively kids can  think, an art we adults posing as the  know it alls, lost in the speed of growing up… My 6 year old son, Dhanush […]


So what’s the best business to be in for rapid success and growth ? Simple..Your OWN ! —–0000000–0000000—000000000000000———————– Are you the stuff of an Entrepreneur ?  To find out, check the list…. I want to be completely in-charge of my destiny I want to be in control I want to […]