An Angel enters the world…

Oct 8th, 8:54 PM….. Chicago (St’ Alexius Hospital – Labor room)

The clock was taking it’s three tireless soldier hands on the same journey round the clock, as it did for centuries.

The Hour hand set to make its target a steady west in a few minutes, and the Minute hand no less motivated to point a steady north to strike 9, as the seconds hand meandered on, changing course, every second, as if taunting the other two of how flexible and fast it is to change !

“So when do you think the angel’s going to arrive”, asked the seconds hand, who was as usual, impatient and running around, and couldn’t wait any longer… “I hear it could be any minute now, patience dear…” mentored the hour hand.

” NO! Look at Daddy, how eager he is” screamed the seconds hand.

Unaware that the clock on the wall in the labor room had it’s own debates and was watching with bated breath , daddy was getting nervous now watching the proceedings…

“Could be any second honey”, the nurse comforted Mommy to be.

“See I told you”, yelled the seconds hand in excitement !

“Hush, you will scare the angel”, chided the minute hand.

“Wait, there it is, the angel’s arriving”…this time the excitement was from the hour hand !

“I’m in no rush to go to 9:00 PM yet,  I’m gonna watch the angel first”, it said.

Mom heaved a sigh of relief and the nurse lost no time to get the baby all ready to grace Daddy’s waiting arms…

First thing dad checked was to make sure Mom is all safe, as soon as the nurse picked up the baby. Not much words were said, and were not needed either. There was a sudden sense of joy in the room, but it was being overshadowed by activity all around….


And then the moment arrived… Daddy dearest was handed the baby to hold for the first time….Amar had held other’s babies before, very little ones, and knew how to carefully hold this angel, precious than his own life…but this was nothing like in the past. This WAS as special a moment, and a very unique one that will make its mark in his life forever….

As he held the baby, very little words were said. It was all about feelings. Deep inside, Amar’s soul was talking to the little baby angel… in only words that a dad and his daughter could exchange and savor the moment. “My little angel Aditi, do you know I waited all my life for this moment, and even I never realized it until now”, dad seemed to say. With a twinkle in the eyes, Aditi looked at Daddy.

“Daddy, You are the most special person in my life. I LOVE YOU”…said the eyes…


“Now , now, you got to keep moving”, the hour hand reminded everyone of their duty.

“If I was human, I would be crying of joy now, oh this is so cute”!….the seconds glass yelled as it kept running.

“Let’s run into that other room, I hear a noise…”.

Before long, they were busy witnessing another angel’s entry in a different room….while in the previous one Aditi had already started to make a timeless bond with Mommy Prasuna, and daddy Amar.



  1. Can’t believe my eyes were looking at cute angel after a 8 long hours of wait time ! It has been very exciting ride for us over this 9 exact months and at the end it was sweet one.

    Greatful to God and all our well wishers on their blessings for our little angel.


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