Return of the DOG Seed…

First of all, a BIG thank you to friends, family, and work associates. Your comments, input drove many more wonderful conversations with my son, Dhanush. I kept waiting as eagerly as you to get the results of him asking his teacher. As expected, the results were far more interesting. This little fella’s creativity bowled me over. Without further ado, your favorite DOG SEED returns….

Chicago, Jan 30th 5.25 PM, returning from School Shailu & Dhanush…Read on (I recommend you read the DOG seed original post to get a hang of this topic)

“So, Dhanush, did you ask the teacher ?”
“About what, Nanna ?”
“About the Dog Seed ?”
“Oh, that…naaah, I figured it out myself.”
“Hmmm..and what did you figure out”
“That we need a watermelon”
” A What “??
“A watermelon dad, my favorite fruit, the big green juicy fruit…”
“I know what a watermelon is, Dhanush. I was asking what you figured out and why you need a watermelon”
“Dog’s don’t have seeds dad, fruits do. I know that we have a loooot of seeds in a watermelon. So lets go feed our neighbor’s dog a watermelon, and  Im sure it will poop somewhere in the grass, and by spring…we got our DOG…YEAH !”
“OK, son. Its a great idea but I dont know if Dogs love watermelons, if they did, who would know what to expect” ?!!

By the time I kept imagining what to tell him, he was busy onto his next creative thought. I couldn’t wait to get online and enter it before life gets in the way and this delightful conversation misses out getting on to my blog.

Something also just hit me…. that we, as adults, ever smart and know it alls…have become smug enough to not let conversations with kids run wild with creativity. While driving, we throw them an iPhone, an iTouch, an iPAD and are busy with our own thoughts, problems, dreams, discussions and want them to just get to where we need to get to, with no kid noise. Iam as guilt as any parent, yelling at kids to be quiet when they have questions,  and hush their creativity. I promise to do better this year.

Let them open up, they will amaze you in ways that will wipe the cobwebs of our tired minds….I certainly don’t know if we can grow Dogs as conveniently as Dhanush imagined it, but if we can grow tomatoes the size of watermelons through science, anything is possible.

Keep the comments coming…I will be sure to share them with Dhanush….though he wont understand what all this fuss is about. All he wants is his dog by summer…seed or no seed.

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