AI, Blockchain and the future of Education…

“Robots wont replace humans. Humans who use robots will just lead a more fulfilling life than those who don’t…”

That was our theme of discussion we brought to one of the best conferences this year, InstructureCon, the Learning Safari at the beautiful city of LA!

Audience feedback and the discussions after the AI talk, were very enriching, and a true validation of hard work we put in and brought to share. We continue to learn and teach, as we spread the power of these new technologies that are shaping the future of Education, and other key parts of our life.

Team work…makes dreams work. That is how it is, everyday in our world!

We are known for working hard, but we also play hard too! Examity set up a booth to talk more about who we are, and to discover who out there in the EdTech community, is the best bowler!

Instructure team setup a theme that said “COOL” at every step…and we soaked it all in!

“If you cannot share a laugh, you are in the wrong team”….:)

Always excited to be part of the conversation of advancing EdTech, we spoke about the future Accessibility with industry experts, and how at Examity we are actively appying it as as philosophy, everyday, to make sure we are the best usable and accessible solution in Learning Validation. We are happy to share share the standards with all.

Thank you Instructurecon for a wonderful conference and the opportunity to share our view on the ever growing EdTech Ecosystem.

Until next time….Stay cool, keep learning, keep sharing and Surf ON!

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